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IT Training by Professionals

LeAD offers training to students, professionals and everyone interested in learning, enhancing and developing their technical and soft skills for IT. At LeAD we help you to develop yourself to make the maximum use of available technology and lay the foundation to become an expert in programming languages, databases, web technologies and other softwares

Our Offerings
1. Coaching IT Students
2. Practicals and Notes
3. Professional Trainings for corporates
4. Preparation for Interviews
5. 15+ years experienced Trainer
6. Free Regular Technical Seminars by Industry experts
7. Career Guidance for IT

Trending Technologies


BSc IT students need a guide to ensure their programming foundation is set strong right from first year and we fill that gap. We also assist them in non-programming subjects.

FY BSc IT Admissions Started
1. Small Groups - max 12 students
2. Free Algorithm Building Sessions
3. All Subjects Covered
4. Fees : Rs.5000 per subject
FY BSc IT Sem 1 Subjects
1. Imperative Programming
2. Digital Electronics
3. Operating Systems
4. Discrete Mathematics

Cloud Computing

Azure for developers

Azure is a powerful Cloud Computing Platform for large enterprises. It allows to host applications and work on VMs, Azure offers many powerful services required to handle large applications.

Azure Developer Training
1. Small Groups - max 12 participant
2. Completely practical oriented
3. Exploring various developer related aspects in Azure
4. Fees : Rs.7000 inclusive of all
Major topics
1. Understanding Platform as a service
2. Creating VMs
3. Hosting and configuring Applications
4. Working on microservices


A course designed for developing web applications based on ASP.NET MVC architecture from Microsoft

ASP.NET MVC Developer Training
1. Small Groups - max 12 participant
2. Prepare for Interview questions
3. Working on Project related modules and clear all doubts
4. Fees : Rs.7000 inclusive of all
Major topics
1. Introduction to MVC and Razor
2. Working with Database
3. Ajax, Bundling, State Management
4. Dependency injection, unit testing, repository pattern


A course designed for getting the programming fundamentals absolutely right in Python, prepare for basic and intermediate level understandng of Python which later helps in data science, deep learning, big data.

Python Developer Training
1. Small Groups - max 12 participant
2. Prepare for algorithms
3. Fully practical oriented
4. Fees : Rs.10000 inclusive of all
Major topics
1. Introduction to Python fundamentals
2. Working with Collections
3. File handling, Numpy, Comprehensions
4. Database Interaction and web development

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Feedback from participants

Vinay Shetye- 02 Apr, 2017

It is my privilege and great pleasure to write review about Mr. Abbas S. I have known Mr. Abbas S from past 3 months as a MVC and angular JS trainer. He is extremely knowledgeable in his programming concept. Clears basics concept of MVC & Angular JS technology. Starts with proper architecture of training with real life example, emphasis more on practical knowledge. He has got very good communication skill to explain the subject in a simple and systematic way, which will make any student comfortable and confident about the subject In a nutshell. Mr. Abbas S. is one on the best trainer and i strongly recommend him.

Kedar Pednekar - 03 Feb, 2017

Excellent training sessions, personal guidance ,lots of practice on programming. Depth of programming language along with current technology trends. I am learning Java Script along with HTML5 and CSS here. Really awesome experience

Prafull Nimbalkar - 14 Dec, 2106

Very good MVC training,giving more practicals to understand concepts neatly . Nice classroom, nice teaching faculty. Overall great trainer to get knowledge of programming, technology.